Getting Started with GameFace

We offer quite a variety of services and package deals. Look through all our services closely.

Geting a scholardhip is a long and often argeous process. Making yourself as visible as possible is key to standing out from the rest.

Timing is also key. Our process can take several weeks to complete. You'll need to allow for this. Just like in athletics, the more prepared you are (in all areas), the better your chances for success.

  • Look through our services and decide what services you might be interested in.
       We recommend strongly that you consider our video services.
       Our experience shows that this is the number 1 way of showing off your abilities.
  • Talk with your coach(es) and private instructors. Discuss GameFace services with them.
  • Fill out the form on the "Contact page" and submit it.
  • We'll discuss how to proceede forward from there.
  • We'll help get you organized
  • We'll develop a gameplan to get you up and running efficiently and effectively.



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