GameFace Details - the ultimate FAQ page

Websites and Cards:
My domain or your domain?
Although we would like to use our domain. You are welcome to use your own. In fact, we strongly recommend that you purchase your domain name either way - as a precautionary measure.

Can GameFace buy and set up MY domain?
Sure, but there is a additional charge for that service.

Who decides what's on the site?
Ultimately you decide what is on your own site. We feel that our recommendations are important and we would also like to take into account the input of your coaches.

Can I use pictures I already have?
Absolutely. We will assume you own all the rights to the images you supply.

Who updates it?
You have a choice of updating the website by yourself or by purchasing a service plan from GameFace. Updating it yourself is easy with the CushyCSM editor. It's free and very easy to use. We will set that all up for you.

What about images?
CushyCSM also allows you to replace images. The new image will be sized automatically to the image you are replacing.

What about videos?
When it comes to changing out videos, they are "embedded" in the site and are quite a bit more difficult to work with. We recommend that you let us change the videos for you.


GameFace Cards
What are GameFace Cards?
They are like business cards for the athletes. The card has a picture, listing of sport and position as well as contact info.

What purpose do they serve?
The cards come in a plastic case that allows the athletes to carry them in their gear bags. When at a contest, if they connect with a scout or coach they can hand them a card. Having a physical card in a scouts wallet will help keep you on their mind.

Why High Def?
A couple of reasons:
- Perceived Value. Perception is just as important as reality. Example: A busy restaurant is perceived to be good, regardless of whether or not it actually is.
- The clearer the picture, the easier it is for your talent to be seen.
- Having a great looking video gives the appearance that it was important enough to have it done right.

Can I get a video without buying a site?
Yes. We will still upload it to our youtube site and we will also allow you to download a digital copy for yourself.

Can I use my own video?
Yes. Every little bit helps. If you have some great clips, we definitely want them to be seen.

Why do pitchers skills videos cost more?
The groupings of pitches add an extra element to the videos that requires the organization of various pitches. This ultimately means more editing.

Skills Video - who decides what skills?
It's sort of a group effort but the Coaches' opinion usually carries the most weight.

Where do we shoot?
Going back to the "perceived value" statement earlier, we like to shoot in the nicest possible the best possible weather. College and private fields are not always available, but when they are, they make for pretty pictures.

Can my coach come to the taping?
It is most definitely preferred, but not certainly required.

In this process we put together a fully edited piece for your approval first. This will show the general timing, transitions, and style. You will examine the video and send back comments. We will make changes and send you a final edit. Approval of the final edit will allow us to add it to your website and upload it to youtube.

You are welcome to choose the music for your video. We are always open to suggestions and prefer to use classic rock. (everyone loves a classic)

What if I need to make changes?
No problem, but there are usually additional charges associated with this.

What are the viewing Sizes?
Youtube displays in a standard 640x385. The 720P versions still look great in fullscreen mode. Our maximum resolution is no less then 720P.

Can I get a DVD?
Yes, but it's not part of any package as our research shows coaches usually desire online content.

How important are pictures?
Pictures are handy, but aren't as valuable as a quality video. They cannot stand completely on their own...but they really spice up the websites and round off the package.

Can I use the photos I already have?
Yes, if they are good enough. If you send them to us, we'll assume you have the "rights" to use them for your package.

What is "enhancing" a photo?
Adjusting the brightness, contrast and color tones. We also crop, and occasionally add vignetting to subtly spotlight our client.

How many do I need?
A minimum of 5 really good images. Action shots where the player can clearly be identified are strongly recommended.

Portrait and Studio sessions?
These add emotion and character to the website. They can often create a memorable package. You might find yourself saying "I'm the guy in the cowboy the night...with no shirt on". Being memorable is important. This is just another way of standing out.



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