About GameFace

College is in an investment for a lifetime, and want to help you afford it so that one day that investment will pay off.  Getting seen is an important key to solving the athletic scholarship puzzle. That's what we're about.

Our goal is to help high school athletes market themselves with an approach that makes them more attractive and more visible to college recruiters. We will be creating marketing packages for individual athlete's which will include websites, videos and photography.

High school athletes, no matter how talented, often have a very difficult time getting scholarships.  One of the most difficult problems for these athletes is getting noticed by recruiters and prospective coaches.  GameFace services will greatly assist in the promotion of these athletes.   We promote our clients via personal, custom websites and quality videos that are up to date and exemplify their personality.

We offer a custom website (hosted on the GameFace domain or on your private domain) and managed by either GameFace or by you, the client.  We Produce Videos for your website and upload to the GameFace Videos youtube account.  GameFace photographers can also capture the action to demonstrate our client’s abilities in a clean attractive manner.

Our quality marketing materials set us apart from the rest. Let us set you apart from the rest.

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GameFace founders Gregg Vogt and Allen Molien
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